Youth and Family Services

Youth Mentoring Program

The Wuchopperen Mentors engage with young people through tailored activities to provide and connect young people with their culture and positive role models in their community. 

  • Family mapping
  • Case management
  • Engaging with extended family networks
  • Individual and group activities

Youth and Family Wellbeing Program (YFWB)

Our service aims to:

  • Empower our young people to gain independence, build resilience and develop a strong sense of self
  • Provide holistic intensive support
  • Connect youth to their cultural identity and establish building blocks towards active self-advocacy
  • On-going support around health, transitioning to work, education, family safety and connections
  • Planning school holiday activities
  • Support with job readiness programs

Youth Participation Program (YPP) 

Wuchopperen Youth Participation Convenors are led by youth and their families in making decisions in their own lives, with an aim of keeping youth safe and with families. 

  • Family mapping
  • Linking youth and families to relevant support services
  • Establishing youth and family led case plans