Wuchopperen Health Service Limited Accredited For Another Three Years

Wuchopperen Health Service Limited has received accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) standards for another three years.

Independent auditors representing the accreditation organisation, Quality Practice Accreditation, noted that Wuchopperen’s service is of high quality and meets the RACGP standards at all levels of practice.

Wuchopperen Quality and Compliance Manager Lynette Yeates said the independent auditors found Wuchopperen complied with all the standards – for the second audit in a row.

‘For the second time running, independent auditors found we had no non-conformances. Given that we have three separate clinics and they examine our performance against a range of standards such as information management, clinical practice and whether the facility is fit for purpose, this is a notable achievement. ‘

‘The Wuchopperen team works to an exceptionally high standard, and clients can feel comfortable that the service they get here is best – practice.’

‘The November 2017 audit saw the auditors examine everything from policies and procedures, infection control and staff qualifications to whether our waiting rooms were comfortable and there are enough parking spaces. They took a thorough look at our service and determined we met all our accountabilities.’

‘The entire Wuchopperen team should feel proud of this remarkable achievement.’

The RACGP have now issued new standards and Wuchopperen’s performance will be internally monitored against them until its next audit in 2021.

Wuchopperen’s Edmonton Clinic, which opened in 2015, will undergo its second accreditation audit in 2019.