Wuchopperen First Time Mum’s Program at Early Years Conference

Wuchopperen Health Service Limited’s First Time Mum Program team members will present at the Early Years Conference in Cairns today.

The First Time Mums home visiting program supports women pregnant with their first Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander child from pregnancy until the baby turns two.

First Time Mums Program Coordinator Samantha Lewis and Nurse Home Visitor Helen Moss will deliver a presentation on Digital Storytelling: From Selfies and Candids to Engagement and Attachment.

‘It is a 10 minute presentation that briefly describes digital storytelling and how our program uses it with our clients to help tell their stories,’ Samantha explained.

‘This process helps increase engagement with the program and builds attachment between mum and bub.’

‘Our key message is about the importance of finding creative ways to engage with clients who have grown up in a social media world in a way that is meaningful for them.  This kind of engagement helps our team connect with clients and their family, and enriches the therapeutic relationship between client and worker.’

Samantha said the team were thrilled to have the opportunity to present at the highly regarded Early Year’s conference.

‘We are very happy to have the opportunity to present’ she said.

‘It is an honour to attend and present at such a highly regarded, and well attended conference, and a great opportunity to promote the First Time Mums Program. It’s also  a wonderful opportunity for Helen and I to learn about new and invigorating research and programs occurring in the area of early childhood development so that we can provide a quality, best practice program to our clients.’

Samantha said the team had attended the very first conference in 2009 and were pleased to continue the tradition.

‘We are happy to see just how much it has grown and expanded over the last 10 years, and the diverse range of services who attend, all dedicated to the improvement of early childhood development and education.’

Image L-R: First Time Mums Program Coordinator Samantha Lewis, Executive Officer Laurel McCarthy, Executive Director Shared Services Toni Tapim