Key Documents

This is a regional program that focuses on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander individuals, couples, families and communities at risk of Chronic Disease issues developed through the impacts of tobacco use, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

The program is a part of the National Indigenous Chronic Disease Strategy and part of a Package funded by the Department of Health and Aging.  The program is being implemented by teams operating from 57 various locations Australia wide.

We offer information, advice and support around:

  •       Preventative Care
  •       Health Promotion
  •       Smoking Cessation
  •       Physical Activity
  •       Nutrition
  •       Tackling Tobacco Smoking
  •       Community Education / Awareness
  •       Community Outreach
  •       Referrals
  •       Social Marketing / Campaigns


These services are delivered in a number of ways and we work with a diverse of stakeholders and communities within the identified regions.  The TSHLW team support other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community controlled health services in the region ie. Mulungu Health Service, Mamu Health Service, Gurrinyi Yealamucka Health Service, Mookai Rosie and Apunipima Cape York Health Council in delivering early intervention and preventative strategies around chronic disease.The community programs have been developed & designed to raise education and awareness amongst local and regional communities, in order to make a difference on the increasing impacts and levels of chronic disease within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The team consists of:

–       1 x Program Manager

–       1 x Regional Tobacco Co-ordinator

–       2 x Tobacco Action Workers

–       2 x Healthy Lifestyle Workers

Please contact 4080 1000 if you would like to speak to someone about this program.