Outreach Health Programs

Hearing Health

Do you find that you are turning up the volume on the television or have people repeating what they are saying to you? Maybe you need to make an appointment with KENNY who is our hearing health professional. The hearing health team also provide outreach services to primary schools in the Cairns district.

55 Plus – Aged Care

Do you or a relative need some extra support and care. If you do, please call ESLYN who will offer you the services and support that we provide. We offer home visits with DR DORR on Tuesdays

Eye Health

NOEL and the eye health team provide eye health care to the remote and rural communities working mainly out of Weipa where most of the operations are conducted. If your family member is a resident of one of the Cape York communities and having problems with your eyes please see your doctor and ask for a referral to the eye team when they visit.

Please book your Appointment by calling 07 40801000 or come to our Clinic at 13 Moignard Street, Manoora, Cairns.