Free Flu Free Flu Vaccinations at Cairns Homelessness Services Hub

It follows on from Wuchopperen’s successful flu vaccination session at Kuiyam Aboriginal Hostel on May 4.

Wuchopperen Director of Medical Services Dr Jacki Mein said the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical service was committed to preventing the incidence of the potentially deadly seasonal illness and heading out into the community was a great way to do it.

‘While free flu vaccinations are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at Wuchopperen’s Manoora and Edmonton clinics,  we recognise not everyone is a client and are happy to come out to community to help people stay well over winter.’

‘By heading out into community, and vaccinating people against flu, we protect them and vulnerable people around them. The more people who receive a flu vaccination, the less likely we will be to experience a significant outbreak this winter.’

Image: Registered Nurse Jessica Proctor will provide vaccinations at the outreach session