Family Wellbeing Service

The Family Wellbeing service draws on the cultural knowledge and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait practitioners to help build happy, healthy, safe families.

The service offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families a coordinated mix of services to address multiple levels of need by building on the identified strengths of the family and working on the goals the family identifies as important to reaching goals.

Referrals to Family Wellbeing services may meet any of the following criteria:

There is a child (unborn* or under 18 years) and:

  • The family has multiple needs, some which may be complex
  • The family requires occasional or episodic support to maintain a child’s safety and wellbeing
  • The family would benefit from access to support services to improve child and family wellbeing
  • Without support the child is at risk of entering or re-entering the statutory child protection system
  • The child is not currently in need of protection but the family would benefit from support to prevent entry or re-entry into the child protection system
  • The child is in need of protection, subject to ongoing intervention, and support from the Family Wellbeing service is likely to result in the child no longer requiring departmental intervention
  • The child or family would benefit from services to improve their cultural identification or connection to culture.
*Concerns about an unborn child cannot be referred without consent from the mother