Diabetes Education Program on the Rise

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Cairns region seeking diabetes education at Wuchopperen has increased by 36% in 2018.

Wuchopperen is home to a number of Allied Health professionals including a diabetes educator, dietician, podiatrist, optometrist and exercise physiologist who work in partnership to create plans with our clients who are currently living with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes Educator for Wuchopperen, Tony Pappas says it is encouraging to see clients find value in attending the Allied Health education sessions increasing in the community.

“Diabetes is such an enormous issue for people in Cairns and it is really important to manage the risk early. The Wuchopperen Diabetes Education Sessions aren’t just for people who are already living with diabetes, they can be a great tool for those at risk of developing diabetes too. Understanding how to reduce your risk of diabetes is essential if we are going to see a reduction in our trend towards unhealthy lifestyles and the detrimental impacts this can have on our overall wellbeing.

Taking simple steps like reducing our intake of sugary drinks, adding exercise to your daily life and making healthy food choices can have a huge impact on your likelihood of developing diabetes.

Having less sugary drinks and food also supports healthy teeth, healthy skin and healthy weight,” says Tony.

During the Diabetes Education Sessions, clients are able to discuss any issues they might be having managing their diabetes or changing their habits. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to work with clients on preventing diabetes. Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves, effect your vision and increase your risk of amputation, stroke, kidney damage and puts you at a greater risk of heart attack.

“Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic illness in the world and a variety of studies have shown it effects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people more acutely, specifically in regard to type 2 diabetes. At Wuchopperen we want to work with all our clients to put their health in their hands and provide holistic services. We provide clients with wrap around services and are able to link our clients with our vast number of services to ensure they are getting the most out of our comprehensive, holistic health service, and education plays a huge role in that,” says Tony.