Current Services Available

Services Available

  • All face-to-face clinical appointments. Telehealth is still an option for current clients.
  • We offer a walk-in service from 8:00am – 10:00am each day in all three clinics until further notice.
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Checks (“715” Health Check).
  • Chronic and Holistic Primary Health Care (Rainforest Building).
  • Women’s, Child & Maternal Health (Coral Cay building) – Women’s Ante-natal checkups, Bubs and children Immunisation, Mums and Bubs checkups, Women’s Business check ups.
  • All Allied Health Specialist Outreach Clinics and Dental services available at Reef Building in Manoora.
  • QML Pathology collection room in Reef Building.
  • All face-to-face appointments for Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Family and Child Wellbeing, Youth Mentors, and First Time Mums Program.
  • Client transport.
  • In Home – Home Visits.

Information regarding COVID (Positive clients or those with any symptoms)

If you have any COVID symptoms, please do not come into the clinic (if you are not too unwell) and stay home. Call us to book a telehealth appointment and for further advice. If you feel worsening symptoms and need a review by a doctor, you may be seen in a special area within the clinic. If you need to see a GP or have a dressing/wound to be seen, please contact us and we will assist with planning how to best provide the service.