The Healthy Lifestyles Programs delivers support, education and awareness to support and encourage healthier lifestyles and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,encouraging healthier lifestyles and wellbeing. The programs aim to provide support to clients in the areas of Alcohol & Other Drugs, Family Violence, Chronic Disease, Tackling Tobacco Smoking, Physical Activity and Nutrition.

Healthy Happy Families (HHF)

HHF is a regional program that delivers services to people who are at risk of, or are experiencing family violence. The program provides education and awareness and offers strategies to help stay safe and maintain a life free from abuse.

Specific programs are set up to work with women, men and children by hosting support groups that are culturally responsive. The aim of the Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Yarn Up Groups are to provide information that allows them to make positive changes within their personal lives so they can live free from abuse.

Women’s Yarn Up Group is a 9 week group session that addresses Self-esteem, Understanding the cycle of Violence, ways of dealing with Stress, the effects Family and DV has on children, supports that are available and Domestic Violence ordersThe information is provided through open group discussions in a non-threatening environment, so individual strengths are acknowledged and changes. Are able to be implemented that suit individual life styles.

Men’s Yarn Up Group is a 12 week group session that addresses Understanding the cycle of Violence, Ways of dealing with Stress, the effects family and DV has on women & children, Supports that are
available, Domestic Violence orders and, How to be better role models for your children. The information is provided through open group discussions, this allows the men to acknowledge what Domestic and Family Violence is and how to implement positive changes that allows them to live a life that is Abuse free.

The Youth Program is a 12 week program for young girls and boys between the ages of 8 to 15 years old who are at risk of disengaging from education or having experienced Domestic and/or Family Violence and is aimed at empowering today’s youth. The program is conducted over a school term and focuses on Teamwork, Leadership and, Builds self-esteem through cultural activities such as indigenous games, painting, fishing etc. We work in culturally appropriate way with youth around building healthy relationships that allow them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Substance Misuse Program (SMP)

This program works with individuals, couples and families experiencing issues related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Team members deliver direct services and act as a referral point for other supports that may meet the needs of clients. The program does this by offering:

  • Drug & Alcohol Counselling
  • Community education and awareness sessions
  • Health Promotion, education and information
  • Referral and Advocacy


Regional Tackling Tobacco & Healthy Lifestyles Program

The aim of this regional program is to reduce the onset and risk of chronic disease developed through tobacco use, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. The program does this through the delivery of a range of activities that promote healthy choices and lifestyle changes.

The Healthy Lifestyle Programs are funded by the Department of Health and Ageing and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.