Counselling & Support Services

The Counselling and Support Program consist of the following services:

  • General Counselling and Support
  • Carer Support Program
  • Mental Health Rural and Remote 2
  • Project 300
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Bringing Them Home


General Counselling and Support

Counsellors and Wellbeing Workers deliver services that address the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals and families. Services are delivered using a strength-based approach that empowers individuals and families to take responsibility for their lives. Counselling & Support program provides a wholistic approach to working with individual men, women, youth and/or family groups through a strengths-based perspective allowing people to take greater control of any issues that may be affecting them.

Counselling services are available Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5.00pm

Carer Support Program

Carer Support program provides support to individuals and/or families caring for someone with a disability, Mental Health, chronic illness, terminal illness or is of frail aged.  This service is available on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Mental Health Rural and Remote 2

Mental Health Rural and Remote 2 program
aims to provide and promote culturally appropriate social and emotional well-being services to the student population at  Djarragun/ Wangetti, St Augustin’s and Peace Lutheran Colleges.

We focus on a positive therapeutic environment that allows students to build resilience for desired outcomes.  This program is only available through the colleges.

Project 300(P300)

Project 300 (P300) aims to work directly alongside clients with a diagnosed psychiatric illness providing daily  “one on one” support to each client.

We provide positive home or community based support and care for the clients, assisting with cooking, housekeeping, engaging in community events, outings, budgeting, goal setting to promote independence and well-being through personal growth .

We ensure that medical and therapeutic interventions are current through observation and support to maximise the benefits for the client’s wellbeing.

Independent Living Skills(ILS)

Independent Living Skills (ILS) program works directly alongside clients who have a mental illness through providing a supportive role around managing clients recovery and minimising the symptoms of illness. We ensure that medical and therapeutic interventions are  current through observation and supports.

We look at furthering the clients skills base in areas that promotes independence and wellbeing though basic in home supports such as; budgeting, day planning, housekeeping etc.

Bringing Them Home (BTH)

Bringing Them Home (BTH) works towards providing and promoting a culturally appropriate  support service to individuals, groups and families who are/or have been affected, either directly or indirectly, by past government policies and practices regarding the removal and separation of children from their families, and those going through the reunion process.

The role is to provide a positive and supportive environment for clients by addressing any social and emotional stressors.  Sessions can be held where appropriate and if necessary, the worker can act as a mediator when there is conflict and  provide outreach support.

We work with other professionals such as medical practitioners, counsellors and social workers as part of a health management team  and build  a networking relationship with other organisations to assist with appropriate referral pathways.

The Counselling and Support Programs are funded by the Department of Health and Ageing and Disabilities Queensland.