About us


Wuchopperen was established with a very clear purpose and this is embodied in our Vision which is:
“Improving quality of life for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People”

Values & Principles

We are governed by a set of values and principles that determine how we operate as an organisation and the way we deliver services to achieve our vision. Our Values and Principles are:


  • We acknowledge and recognise the importance of culture in all organisational activities
  • We actively promote an awareness of culture with our colleagues, partners and other service providers
  • We develop the leadership abilities of our staff
  • We implement an wholistic approach to service delivery acknowledging the principles of community control


  • We actively engage with our clients and community members
  • We establish relationships that enable us to deliver culturally responsive services
  • We care about the wellbeing of each other, our clients and our community
  • We promote our activities and services in a positive light to engender trust and confidence in our organisation


  • We actively participate in organisational activities and extend ourselves when needed
  • We continually strive to do our best and adapt to change
  • We strive for continual improvement in ourselves, each other and our organisation
  • We demonstrate loyalty to each other and our organisation through our reliability, positive contributions and our dedication to the achievement of a shared purpose


  • We communicate in a truthful, open and transparent manner with each other, clients and community members
  • We share information and knowledge willingly while maintaining confidentiality and privacy
  • We communicate respectfully and follow through in a timely and responsive manner
  • We proactively include others in discussions and encourage fact based communication

Honesty, Trust and Integrity

  • We are open, transparent and honest in our dealings with each other, our clients and the community
  • We display professional standards of behaviour and work in accordance with established standards of practice
  • We take responsibility for our own points of view and acknowledge and respect those of others
  • We make informed decisions that will benefit our clients, the community and the organisation

Accountability and Responsibility

  • We take ownership of our actions and decisions
  • We encourage and support our colleagues while taking responsibility for our own contribution and performance
  • We consider feedback an opportunity to learn and promote positive change
  • We strive to achieve the highest level of performance in all that we do


  • We establish clear guidelines that promotes development and empowerment of self and others
  • We build strong relationships based on trust and ethical behaviour
  • We enact the values of the organisation and inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others
  • We encourage and support our colleagues


  • We treat each other, clients and the community with sensitivity and dignity
  • We value and accept difference
  • We adapt behaviour, communication styles and service delivery to acknowledge cultural and community expectations
  • We behave in ways that maintain self-esteem and dignity of self, colleagues, clients and the community

Service Quality

  • We actively contribute to the improvement of our service delivery
  • We embrace new ways of doing things to enhance our service delivery
  • We use our training, experience and background to do the best job we can
  • We continually learn, grow and teach others so that the competency level of our organisation is constantly improving